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It's official! Putman receives a Best Buy School Tech Grant!

Best Buy announced the recipients here:

We are one of the 17 canadian schools, out of the more than 500 that applied!

The grant will allow us to purchase two sets of 10 chromebooks, two charging stations, 12 Ozobots and 8 Makey-Makey kits.

Here is an excerpt from our application:

Our school culture promotes  initiative, creation and design in-line with STEM (and STEAM), whether it be with our Maker Club, Robotics Club, Creative Labs at lunch hour or in-class Genius Hour projects. These have touched part of our student population and we have seen many positive outcomes including increased student engagement, and would benefit every student if we had these technological resources  in the regular classroom.

The focus of this application is the integration of robotics to support and enhance the curriculum in the classroom for all of our students. We believe that:

  • It increases student engagement, particularly for students who are disengaged or have learning challenges

  • It promotes Inquiry Based Learning & Problem Solving

  • Robots change word problems into real life problems and they give meaning to math and science

  • It allows multi-modal learning (visual, kinesthetic, auditory)

  • It enables differentiation for various levels and linguistic abilities

  • It allows integration of many curriculum strands (math, science, language arts, music, visual arts...) and promotes critical thinking and collaboration which have been identified as of particular importance in today's competitive job market,  as well as that anticipated in our students’ lives/future

Specifically, last year (2015-2016) our school piloted a STEM-robotics program using Lego Mindstorm to enhance curriculum in regular class time. This was successfully done in a grade 7 math class. We wanted to make robotics and programming accessible to other classes. So, with some borrowed Ozobots we continued the pilot in the grade 6 Art classes by building 3D touristic monuments for the robots to visit and  gave the robots specific instructions based on the touristic activities it could do. We also used them in our grade 6/7 Core French class to learn procedural writing, giving and listening to instructions in French and the basis of coding.

[This year (2016-2017) we have used some ozobots in the 7/8 Science and Technology class, and the Autism Unit Class and plan to integrate the Makey-Makey and other robots.]

Here is what some of our students have to say about their experience so far:

“Robots are fun and they teach you about robotics as well as the subject that you are using them for!”

“I loved it, thought it was very educational and fun to do!”

“The robots were fun to use and to make little costumes for them.”

“It was very fun but we could have done it more.”

“I think using the robots in class was a very creative way to make our project fun and it was really fun playing with the codes.”

Tech Grant