Agincourt Addition

Check this page for updates on the construction that is happening at Agincourt Road Public School during the summer of 2018.

Agincourt P.S. / J.H. Putnam P.S.

Parental Information Night - Addition

Participants: approximately 40

April 10, 2018



1)   Work – asbestos

Can you please provide information on a) what work will be required in managing asbestos and b) what are the safety measures undertaken when managing asbestos abatement in schools?

An asbestos survey is conducted in areas where there will be construction. The work will be identified in the construction contract.

The work is done in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements, to ensure there is no risk of contamination.  The removals will be completed by one of our prequalified contractors and monitored by a third party Environmental Engineering consultant.  This will ensure that all removal, waste handling and cleanup will be done in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Labour regulations and the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Asbestos Management Procedure.

2)   Noise issues –

What measures will be undertaken to address noise from the construction site a) during school hours

b) after school hours?

The contractor will minimize disruptions and will work with the school.  There will be regular movement and vibrations during construction. Certain work with significant noise issues can be completed after hours.

3)   The rendered drawings indicate 12 portables on site.  Why 12 portables?

Typically the maximum number of portables is twelve for the city Site Plan Application which is intended to be a placeholder on the site. These are intended as future or possible portables and are shown for future growth, if needed.

4)   The site of the portables on the renderings are showing them to be on the sports field.  Will they be moved once the construction is completed?

The portables may or may not be moved once construction is completed depending on the needs at Agincourt and other schools.

5)   Can you please provide clarification on the number of students going to portables in September 2019?

At this time, 3 portables will need to be used as a result of the displacement of 3 classrooms next to the construction zone.  The existing portables will be relocated before September in order to keep them away from the construction zone.

6)   This significant addition has portables built into the plan, why would we have portables at all with this addition?

Schools are built on long term projection with 90% full capacity.  There will be years where there are fluctuations where portables may be required. The school capacity is built to a sustainable level so that we do not have an empty school in 10 or more years.

7)   Can you please explain for what is a “body break” room is used.

Body break room is a space for students with particular learning requirements that may need a break from the classroom. The room typically has an exercise bike or mini trampoline, along with a sensory room where a student can regulate themself.

8)   The windows in the new addition are very narrow.  Will all new classrooms in the addition have windows in them?

Yes, all classrooms in the addition will have floor to ceiling windows.

9)   The corner classrooms of the new addition - will they have natural light or direct light?

The corner classrooms where the new addition is attached to the existing school will have natural light from skylights and large windows in the student commons.

10)   Can you please clarify for what will the “commons” areas be used?  For both the community and/or the school. Learning commons is an area where students work and collaborate, using technology and books.  It usually has flexible seating and can be used as a meeting/working space after hours for staff and community.

11)   What grades will be in this space?


12)   Can you please clarify how the new instrumental music room will be used.

It will be used as a music classroom and as a band practice room.

13)   Can you please provide clarification as to how the assets of J.H. Putman will be distributed?

Assets will be distributed based on the students moving to Agincourt, Pinecrest and Woodroffe.

14)   Will junior students be able to access the new body break room? - there is already one for them.

There is currently a body break room for the junior students in the existing school on the second floor.

15)   In the timetable for the intermediate students will the students move classrooms or will the teachers move classrooms? They will be on rotary for music, and PE.  It depends on the qualifications of the teachers if it will be more of a homeroom model or if they will have more specialities.

16)   Has there been any room allocation for a teacher prep area in the new addition?

Yes, on the second floor above the Student Commons area

17)   Any there any plans for outdoor learning spaces for the grade 6/7/8?

There are no plans for outdoor learning space with the addition and can be a school funded program through school council.

18)   Student Commons:

Can you please provide clarification for the use of this area? i.e. is this a “hang out” area for students or an educational space for student use?

This is for educational purposes.  

19)   What library space will the 6/7/8 be using?

There will be merging of resources with the Agincourt library and the new Student Commons.

20)   Will the current library accommodate the entire book collections from J.H. Putman?

Not all of the books can be housed in the current library. There will need to be some culling of books and redistribution to other schools. The way a library and student commons is used has changed. The new spaces will allow for programs to be taught in keeping with the 21st Century Learning model.

21)   Can you please provide clarification of rationale as to why there is a two floor spacing utilized for the music room.  The concern is that this is wasted space.

The music room is two storey due to acoustics, a single storey space is too difficult to manage the sound levels generated by a large number of instruments. Experience with other school designs has created a classroom standard that needs to be at least 1½ storeys tall. It is ideal separate the music room and not to have another classroom above or under the music room.

22)   Can you please provide the Planning Department’s projected numbers for Agincourt.

Enrolment projections were summarized in the Western Area Accommodation Review for the Woodroffe High School Family of Schools

23)   The Agincourt area is undergoing a demographic shifting with new families moving in.  How is this demographic shift being reflected in the planning’s numbers?

The Planning Department takes these trends into consideration along with consultation with the City of Ottawa and Developers when forecasting enrolment projections.  

24)   Gym use –

Will the gym be able to accommodate the entire school K-8 for student assemblies?

No.  Currently the school assemblies are broken into primary and junior assemblies.

25)    Will you be able to accommodate the full minutes allocated for children in the gym space? No- all JK-8 school have outdoor Phys-Ed included in their schedules. The school is fortunate to have such large landscape and park spaces, compared to other schools. This allows for outdoor activities for multiple classrooms, as well as collaborative time with larger groups of students.

26)   How will the construction disruption impact on the community and how will the community have an opportunity to voice their concerns?

Site plan application has been submitted and a notice will be sent out to residents from the City.  The community may contact your councillor to voice their concerns.

27)   In the “lay-by” on the renderings – can it accommodate the entire number of buses for the school?

The lay-by will be for parents dropping children off.  Buses will be directed to the parking lot for arrival and departure of children as it is the safest place to do so.

28)  The morning drop off would be ok however, a concern for parental pick at the end of the day as the lay-by allows for minimal parking time.  Is there a better way to manage parental pick up and drop off?

There is discussion for walking school bus that will require parent volunteers. The lay-by will help with the existing congestion on the street as it will allow for vehicles to pull off from street traffic

29)   There are three classes to be shut down during the construction phase, where will those classes go?

Those three classrooms will be moved.  The decision as to which three classes will be in portables will be decided by the school.


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