Meet Constable Troy Forgie
Posted on 11/14/2018
Constable Forgie

Constable Troy Forgie is the new school resource officer (SRO) at JH Putman Public School. He can often be seen throwing a football around, having lunch with the students, participating in physical education classes, and has become an integral part of the school community.

“If I could be a positive role model in the life of just one youth who might be leaning toward a life of crime or drugs and have them lead a positive productive life, then I will feel that I've succeeded,” Forgie said, remembering the defining moment as a Police Officer that made him decide to become an SRO.

“Last year I was sent to a call where myself and a partner found an 18-year-old boy with no vital signs from a drug overdose,” he explained. “We did CPR and paramedics revived the boy. Hours later I found him and his friends using drugs again in a nearby park, which really bothered me. I couldn't believe that the addiction was so strong that even after being brought back to life, that hours after dying, a teenager would use drugs again.”

The role of an SRO is an important part of a school community. Not only do they enforce the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the Criminal code and other legislations and regulations, they assist in the development of our students, promoting ethical decision making, and good citizenship.

“I charged this male requesting he go to drug treatment court, only to find out a few months later that he would be found dead of a drug overdose,” Forgie continued, noting that he stayed in contact with the other youth who were at the scene, checking on them, giving them advice and trying to be a positive role model for them. “This is when I decided I wanted to be an SRO with the Ottawa Police Service. I felt we had to do more to help youth who were at risk.”

Students feel comfortable chatting with Constable Forgie, having real conversations and freely asking questions. He also supervises the lock down practices and works proactively with staff and students to ensure our school is safe and prepared.

Some would say being an SRO is not an easy job – many officers don’t get into law enforcement to be in a school. But Forgie has a different outlook:

“I have been with the Ottawa Police service for 12 years now and I'm constantly looking for a way to make the biggest positive impact on the community,” he said.

Constable Forgie

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